Deutschkurs B2

Du hast schon solide Kenntnisse in Deutsch und willst jetzt weiter zum

Lernen, Lernen und noch mehr lernen

German Course Level B2

IN the B2 German courses in GLS Sprachenzentrum you will learn to understand the basic idea of challenging texts: (E.g. specialist texts from a particular field.

You will…

  •  be able to communicate spontaneously and without problems with native speakers of German.
  •  be able to clearly formulate your own opinion and the reasons for it.
  • be able to express facts from the respective field of interest or subject without difficulty.

In a B2 German course in GLS Sprachenzentrum you will only be taught a few unknown structures with regard to German grammar, instead the grammar you have already learned at B1 level, will be intensified.

In GLS Sprachenzentrum, the B2 level is divided into the levels B2.1 and B2.2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning. In the following section you will find out what we focus on.

Main topics:

  • School, Training
  • Interpersonal relations
  • Living and renting
  • Travel, trouble on vacation & complaint letters
  • Cultural differences in professional life
  • Europe and the Germans
  • Smalltalk
  • Daily work: e-mails & telephone calls
  • Activities & Leisure
  • University
  • History and politics
  • News from all over the world
  • Crime Stories
  • Modal verbs
  • Past tense of the verbs: perfect / -preteritum / past perfect
  • Declination of adjectives
  • Indicators of space: prepositions of two cases
  • The passive
  • Verbs with prepositional case
  • n – Declination
  • Causal and effect indicators: weil, denn, deshalb, so…dass etc.
  • The subjunctive II: politeness, unreality, the subjunctive II in the past
  • Rection of verbs
  • Position of words in the sentence
  • Indicators of time
  • Indicators of conditional
  • Subjunctive I : Indirect speech
  • Subjunctive I Alternate forms
  • Nouns – Verb – Connections
  • Prepositions


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