Vorbereitungskurs B2

Der Kurs in GLS Sprachenzentrum, bei dem kein Auge trocken bleibt!

Prüfungen sicher und souverän bestehen

German Certificate B2 preparation Exam

Contents of the High-speed preparation Goethe-Institut, ösd or telc Deutsch B2 exam in GLS.

The focus of the preparation is on the practice of the essential skills for the exam:

1. Reading comprehension (global, detailed, as well as selective) and language elements (tests grammatical knowledge by using multiple choice and matching tasks).

2. Listening comprehension (global, detailed, as well as selective by using short news and infomercials taken from the radio, and a lengthy interview)

3. Writing (formal or semi-formal letter-writing in a 30 minutes time frame with categories such as: request for information, letter of complaint, letter of application).

4. Oral exam (a well-constructed and logic presentation taken from the following topics: holiday, music or sports event, film or book; follow-up questions, a discussion, and an organisation of an event – a preparation time is given beforehand).

Teaching materials:

To offer an optimal preparation, we use specific preparation materials and mock exams, which are provided by telc, including listening comprehensions, as well as handouts.

The course creates an optimal learning environment by providing small groups consisting of not more than 12 students. It takes place from Monday to Friday. By the end of the “high-speed preparation goethe-institut, ösd or telc Deutsch B2 exam in GLS” you will have completed 16 lesson units.

Your teacher:

The course is given by experienced and motivated telc-examiners, who know exactly, what is important for the exam.

A participation requirement for the course is a language proficiency on the level B2.

Do you want to pass the German language B2 Exam successfully?