Vorbereitungskurs B1

Der Kurs in GLS Sprachenzentrum, bei dem kein Auge trocken bleibt!

Prüfungen sicher und souverän bestehen

Content of the preparation certificate Goethe-Institut, ösd or telc Deutsch B1.

In our preparation course we practice the content that is essential for the exam using familiar situations from work, school and leisure. We practice how you can easily and comprehensively speak about your experiences, talk about events and how to describe your dreams, hopes and goals. We also train how to justify and explain your plans and views.

The skills that are essential for the exam are focused on:

1. communicative tasks (verbal interaction, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing)

2. linguistic areas of activity (in the private and public area, at work, in educational facilities)

3. knowledge of language patterns/ structures (vocabulary, grammar components, including pronunciation and spelling)

4. intention of speech (social contact, feeling and moods, opinions, notifications and information, call to action)

5. notions (general conceptual statements): describing properties, conditions, processes, possibility, necessity, conditions and requirements and the existence of persons and things.

To create an optimal learning environment, the course is set up in small groups of up to 12 participants. The preparation takes place from Monday to Friday. At the end of the German course “High-Speed Preparation Goethe-institut, ösd or telc Deutsch B1 Exam” in GLS-Institut.

Your Teachers

The course is given by experienced and motivated telc-examiners, who know exactly, what is important for the exam.

A participation requirement for the course is a language proficiency on the level B1.

Entry requirements

A participation requirement for the course is a language proficiency on the level B1.


Do you want to pass the German language B1 Exam successfully?